Secrets in Simplicity

When it comes to RODIN olio lusso oil-infused luxuries, there’s more to love and appreciate than meets the eye. Beyond skin nourishment, beyond sumptuous textures and subtle yet intoxicating aromas, find out how the brand’s beauty ambassadors and loyal friends use RODIN olio lusso in their own unique way.

“I think that everything you do, you
have to do with intention… I think
that’s why I’m always acutely aware
of what the products I use smell like.
When I breathe in the botanicals in
RODIN olio lusso, I feel the same
sense of care and intention that I
bring to my own life.”

Aurora James
Founder and Creative Director of Brother Veillies


“My favorite Geranium & Orange
Blossom Luxury Face Oil
is that I can use it as a primer
underneath my makeup.”

April Kae
Model, Musician and Writer


“My favorite trick with
the Luxury Face Oil is
how you can use it as a highlighter”

Clementine Desseaux
Model and Founder of the All Womxnn Project


“My favorite way of using Jasmine
& Neroli Luxury Body Oil
is after
the bath or a shower when
your skin is still a little bit damp, and it
really helps the oil absorb.”

Jessica Joffe
Model, Actor and Entrepreneur